Confusing Sex with Love

Either the ever-hated Fox News staff has joined the benighted world, or someone was speaking tongue-in-cheek. I suspect, however, the former.

At the end of his online article regarding Iran’s proposed fixed-length marital contracts, John Moody writes:

…love will be served, even if only temporarily.

There is no doubt that this refers to sex, not love, although, it is through this contract that young people may actually have children (please read the article). Here, Mr. Moody falls into the trap that so many people are falling into, and thus confuse hormonally confused teenagers even further. Sex is not love, and that should be the end of it, but in this day and age, it isn’t, and more’s the pity.

I wish there was a phrase other than “making love”, that could really help. However, the English language is rather limited when it comes to the word love; we have to add adjectives to define what kind of love. Of course, the language of love (French) is even more limited, oddly enough (maybe someone will correct my French). “I like you,” and “I love you” are both Je t’aime, which is literally defined as, “I like you.” You can have love for someone, J’ai amour pour tu, but it doesn’t have the action like, “I love you.”

Anyways, here the “mainstream” culture as badly affected someone’s writing, because to confuse sex and love means that you don’t understand either.