Education Privitization, Whether You Like It Or Not

The U.K. Telegraph has an interesting article about Indian Companies (as in India) teaching students in the U.K. and U.S.A. via the internet.

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Basically, private tutoring at low cost. Before someone throws a fit about taking advantage of the “poor” ignorant Indians, the story states that most of these poor, ignorant Indians are college graduates. They are “poor”, perhaps, in comparison to us, however, they certainly aren’t ignorant, and as India is still part of the British Commonwealth, I bet a lot of these teachers graduated from colleges in the U.K., and even the U.S.A..

I find this interesting in a number of ways. There is an increasing acceptance of the use of the internet as an educational tool. This is another way to reduce infrastructure costs for school buildings. I believe that it will, eventually, put downward pressure on the (far too) high priced internet education programs out there. I believe that it will also increase the pressure on schools to perform. I also hope that this will free up funds and resources for secondary education (high schools) to teach something other than a straight college-prep curriculum, which is, in many ways, useless to non-college bound students.