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Poverty of Connections

@timoreilly In NY Times, @page88 sums up @bruces #sxsw talk as “Connectivity is poverty.” Profound. Worth thinking about: http://bit.ly/w1IQj Not sure that I agree. I think Bruce Sterling wants to be the “country gentleman” of his mind, not reality. Who wants to have shallow relationships, especially masquerading as deep ones? There are stories upon stories… Continue reading Poverty of Connections

Are You Sure You Want His Picture to Adorn (whatever)

“All political power comes from the barrel of a gun.” — Mao Tse Tung This certainly does not fit into admirerers of Mao political philosophy.  There are two things here.  Mao would indeed seem to bolster the 2nd Admendment supporters (oh, dear, a COMMUNIST).  I also don’t agree with him.  Ultimately, all power is the… Continue reading Are You Sure You Want His Picture to Adorn (whatever)

Emergent/Emerging Was So Yesterday

Alex Harris of The Rebelution participated (along with his twin brother, Brett) in a recent Christianity Today panel on the Emergent Church (video – mp3), and “…the conversation [about the emerging/emergent chruch] is not a clash between post-modernism and modernism, but between two objectively good things, both of which they see in their bibles.  When… Continue reading Emergent/Emerging Was So Yesterday

That Was Totally Wicked!

An unabashed stealing of a line from my eldest son’s favorite movie (The Incredibles) is the only thing I can say to describe the fastest production model car in the world.