2nd Amendment in Iraq

It seems, when reading between the lines, that majority of the Iraqi people are being bullied by the various militias that are running around there. Well, let’s fix that. Not with another assault on some training camp, or stronghold, but with the Iraqi people. I think another error of the Bush Administration is looking at… Continue reading 2nd Amendment in Iraq

Pre-Delete Cruft

Cruft is clutter that bogs things down and gets in the way of getting things done. Idea clutter is mostly stuff that we could have gotten rid of to begin with. When you initiate an activity, determine a kill date for it at the same time.

Ford Launches Production of Hydrogen Engines

Ford is claiming to be the first manufacturer of a hydrogen-fueled auto engine – a V10. This is awesome! Plus, with the recent advance in battery cell technology, move over internal combustion engine. Competition in the vehicle power plant market. I love it!

Wiring VoIP to your phone jacks

Original Link at LifeHack.org Engadget’s Original Linked To content Additional Information (posted into responses at the above link) Voxilla – A VoIP Information Gateway

Humans Can’t Multitask?

I was just reading a blog at InfoWorld discussing multitasking versus an uncluttered desktop, and Jon Udell makes a statement that I believe most of us take as truth, “computers multitask way better than people can”. As I was reading words that I had believed moments before, I realized that that is completely false. Really.… Continue reading Humans Can’t Multitask?

Hope for Haiti?

I am very happy that Haiti seems, for the moment, to be back on the road to democracy. My only concern is that the seemingly typical reaction of very poor countries to nationalize everything to “care for the poor”. It always works in the short term, but rarely (if ever) works in the long time.… Continue reading Hope for Haiti?