New Terminology: Technological Enervation

I’ve decided that I needed to come up with a new phrase to describe the issues I see with technology and its effect upon people, and by default, society. I’m not sure how to even define it, yet. I’ve gone back and tagged/categorized older articles, in addition to newer articles as they come up. In… Continue reading New Terminology: Technological Enervation

An end to the stem cell debate?

This caught my eye. People such as myself have been framed as opponents of stem cell research, which is false. My opposition has been to embryonic stem cell research that KILLS (i.e., destroys embryos). However, with some recent clarification, it apparently is possible to do embryonic stem cell research without killing the embryo. I would… Continue reading An end to the stem cell debate?

Congress ‘07-’08

Well, I’ve sat on my keyboard (not literally) long enough since my previous post on the Election. As some may infer from my collection of posts, I’m not all that thrilled with the election results. However, I won’t say that I’m surprised.

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2006 Election “Fallout”

I’m not sure how I feel about this, in truth. First and foremost, the Republican party lost power in Washington, D.C.. I’m not sure that is a bad thing. I still strongly support the war in Iraq, so on that front, I’m am very worried and disappointed. However, those that think that things will change… Continue reading 2006 Election “Fallout”

Oil and Water Mix Better Than Politics and Science

When I first heard of the Michael J. Fox political commercial, I immediately wrote an entry about it, however, I then learned about all the controversy about Rush Limbaugh et al (amazingly I hadn’t heard about that), and decided to mark my post “private” so that I would not add flames to a horribly partisan… Continue reading Oil and Water Mix Better Than Politics and Science

“Just War Theory” vs. American Self-Defense

An interesting take on Just War, while I generally think the ARI is pigheaded and wrong, and when I do agree with them, it is because the ARI and I got to the same point going different directions. Read the article by Yaron Brook and Alex Epstein in full at The Ayn Rand Institute: Observe… Continue reading “Just War Theory” vs. American Self-Defense

Hope for Haiti?

I am very happy that Haiti seems, for the moment, to be back on the road to democracy. My only concern is that the seemingly typical reaction of very poor countries to nationalize everything to “care for the poor”. It always works in the short term, but rarely (if ever) works in the long time.… Continue reading Hope for Haiti?