Misunderstanding Capitalism and Business

I read this this morning (read the entire article): There’s a stereotypical assumption among Christians in the nonprofit world that capitalism means greed or selfishness, and “therefore has got to be bad,” says Nash, founder and managing partner of Piper Cove Asset Management LLC. Using goals to measure progress—standard practice in the business world—is seen… Continue reading Misunderstanding Capitalism and Business

Gotta Love the VA

Mary Katharine Ham’s column today, Veterans on VA: ‘Get the politics outta the system’ Vets vent at national VFW convention, speaks of veterans’ views of the VA, and by proxy, the situation at Walter Reed. The veterans’ views are very similar to those I posited in my post, Welcome to Nationalized Health Care. Sadly, I… Continue reading Gotta Love the VA

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National Security Court a middle-road solution

The United States should establish a National Security Court designed to handle terrorism cases fairly but also in a way that does not jeopardize public safety… (article no longer available) I have never felt that those who are believed to be terrorists, should have the luxury of the U.S. Court system, for they are an… Continue reading National Security Court a middle-road solution

The Lincoln Legacy — Revisited

…the Lincoln most Americans know is the one who preserved the Union, freed the slaves and founded the Republican Party. A more thorough and dispassionate reading of history, however, reveals that these were silver linings within a dark cloud of constitutional abuse.