Art of the Outcast

All too often we look at those around us who are in different circles and unconsciously dismiss them as not adding to our live. An art exhibit in London exemplifies this. (archived copy) We all have our expectations of a “productive” member of society. The problem is that art like this is only displayed under… Continue reading Art of the Outcast

The Information Superhighway? Bah, Humbug!

It is SO much MORE! Michael Wesch of Kansas State University created a little video, Information R/evolution, that is spreading through out the web. The phrase “information superhighway” should be tossed out, for as Mr. Wesch points out, the information is not, and must not be, so constrained. hattip to: Duncan Riley @ TechCrunch/span> Plus,… Continue reading The Information Superhighway? Bah, Humbug!

Are You Powerless?

When people are powerless, they are easily manipulated.-Rashid Rehman, human rights lawyerfrom the article “Pakistan”, National Geographic, September 2007 I hear about the powerlessness of certain people, and every time, it irritates me. I know that sounds strange, but the truth is, we are only as powerless as we allow ourselves to be. This too… Continue reading Are You Powerless?

New Terminology: Technological Enervation

I’ve decided that I needed to come up with a new phrase to describe the issues I see with technology and its effect upon people, and by default, society. I’m not sure how to even define it, yet. I’ve gone back and tagged/categorized older articles, in addition to newer articles as they come up. In… Continue reading New Terminology: Technological Enervation

Technology, Humanity, Control (Maybe the Luddites are right)

A survey sponsored by MTV provides some very interesting tidbits regarding the endangered psyche of a technology-savy generation. Even though I found the comment on religion interesting, it just seemed to be tossed in there, and didn’t add to the main thrust of the story. On top of that, an article in Christianity Today discusses… Continue reading Technology, Humanity, Control (Maybe the Luddites are right)

Pre-Delete Cruft

Cruft is clutter that bogs things down and gets in the way of getting things done. Idea clutter is mostly stuff that we could have gotten rid of to begin with. When you initiate an activity, determine a kill date for it at the same time.