A Return to “Containment”

The recent agreement by the Bush Administration to supply updated military (even if outdated by our standards) to “our” “moderate” Arab “allies” really bothers me. Jim Lobe’s article at Asia Times Online, US arms for Arab authoritarians – again, touches on many of my concerns. My greatest concern that in an attempt to contain one… Continue reading A Return to “Containment”

The Aid That Kills

There are a couple of interesting pieces on Der Spiegle’s website about aid to Africa, and how it is not helping at all. In fact, the two pieces discuss how blind compassion is actually hurting, not helping, Africa. Even I, who some would (wrongly) call a right-wing wacko, took pause at what these articles suggest.… Continue reading The Aid That Kills

A Familial Truth About Government

I am a professor of human biology at Baruch College, City University of New York. I sometimes get involved in discussions with ‘gay’ students on issues of biology and homosexuality, but such discussions have always been respectful and educational. For example, a young ‘gay’ man told me he was opposed to all the hatred directed… Continue reading A Familial Truth About Government

Raising Awareness, One Million People At A Time

MillionSoulsAware.org is a project that seeks to raise awareness one global issue at a time. Their mission statement says: millionsoulsaware.org is a not for profit project started in march 2007 that has the mission to raise awareness by featuring an article on an important topic that needs attention. Millionsoulsaware.org doesn’t ask for donations, but asks… Continue reading Raising Awareness, One Million People At A Time

The Language of Nature, by Steve Talbott

o judge from some of the ancient creation narratives, the world arose as a visible manifestation of speech. “In the beginning was the Word,” as it says in John 1:1. First there was formlessness and chaos, and then the divine voice flashed forth like lightning in the darkness. “And God said, Let there be light:… Continue reading The Language of Nature, by Steve Talbott

The Lincoln Legacy — Revisited

…the Lincoln most Americans know is the one who preserved the Union, freed the slaves and founded the Republican Party. A more thorough and dispassionate reading of history, however, reveals that these were silver linings within a dark cloud of constitutional abuse.